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Stir Coffee Shop Empangeni offers premier coffee and a variety of delicious home-baked cakes and goodies that will please and satisfy Zululand souls.   A warm and welcoming ambiance and atmosphere awaits you at Stir Coffee Shop located below Game Center in Empangeni. The quaint “Durban-Morningside” styled coffee shop is located within the Econo Cartridge offices and ample safe parking is available.

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What is behind it all at Stir Coffee Shop Empangeni?

Stir Coffee Shop Empangeni is owned and managed by a well-known entrepreneurial family who has resided in Zululand since the early 80’s. They have realized their dream of owning a coffee shop with distinction and style. After months of researching coffee, and many tastings of baked delicacies at different venues throughout South Africa, Stir Coffee Shop Empangeni is ready to stir emotions and arouse the senses.

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Why do we like Stir Coffee Shop Empangeni?

Stir Coffee shop Empangeni Barista

Stir Coffee Shop Empangeni has its own trained barista, Charl van den Bergh. Charl enjoys the skill and fine artistry of making coffee. Baristas are held in high regard as they have mastered the art of tweaking those good old coffee beans. The grinding of the rich brown beans and the slow release of coffee steam are all part of the coffee experience. Stir Coffee Shop Empangeni has a unique modern and simple logo designed by the talented graphic designer, Latham van den Bergh.

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Stir Coffee Shop interesting coffee facts

  • Kimbo Coffee is synonymous with quality coffee and epitomises a true Italian espresso experience.
  • Café do Brasil, founded by the Rubino brothers, grew to become a nationally renowned coffee roasting company, Kimbo Coffee.
  • The story of Kimbo is a great Italian success tale that began in the 50’s and is a wonderful story of willpower and entrepreneurship.
  • Small roasting plants were set up in Naples for the sale of roasted coffee to bars and shops and popularity increased slowly, like sipping a cup of good coffee.
  • In the sixties, the coffee market reached a turning point as new packaging systems allowed the product to be sold in tins.
  • The year of coffee for Empangeni as Stir Coffee Shop opens for business in 2017.

Is it about the food at Stir Coffee Shop Empangeni?

Stir Coffee Shop Empangeni is not a restaurant per se, but rather a coffee-café that serves locally sourced freshly baked cakes and light meals. One can choose from sweet and savoury muffins, moist vanilla and chocolate cake, open sandwiches, croissants or pulled chicken and pork roti amongst other deeply-satisfying delights.  Good food served tastefully, combined with professional and friendly service, is what one can expect from Stir Coffee Shop Empangeni.

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Stir Coffee Shop Empangeni pulled chicken roti
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Stir Coffee shop Empangeni is different

Stir Coffee Shop Empangeni has brought a new image to the town. A change for the better, a place where you can sit back and enjoy a deeply satisfying cup of coffee.

  • Solid pine tables and chairs that add character and warmth and thankfully are not unstable. Nothing worse than coffee all over your saucer.
  • Lighting is subtle and cleverly punctured large coffee tins hang from the ceiling and add twinkles like little stars. No bright lights putting strain on the eyes.
  • Shades of midnight black and hints of dark blue with a contrasting grey wall inspire thoughts of painting your emotions in relaxing hues and chilling with a good cup of Kimbo coffee.
  • Old classic books, a MIC tape-recorder and a Kodak instant camera allow for a nostalgic glimpse of storied pasts.

It is ALL about the experience at Stir Coffee Shop Empangeni

Stir Coffee Shop Empangeni is not just about coffee, it is about a passion for coffee and giving back to the community. It is a place to savour memories, evoke coffee emotions and rediscover old friendships.

Home is where the heart is and at Stir Coffee House Empangeni you can drink coffee to your heart’s content. Geniet and enjoy.

Stir Coffee Shop Empangeni will be open on the following days:

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Monday to Friday – 08H00 to 16H00

Saturday – 09H00 to 13H00

Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays

Stir Coffee Shop Empangeni apologizes in advance for closing on certain days. However, management believes that staff deserves time to rejuvenate thus ensuring optimum performance and work satisfaction.


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