Medivalue Pharmacy Empangeni

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Medivalue Pharmacy Empangeni

Medivalue Pharmacy Empangeni is situated at Shop 1 Oasis Centre 40 Union Street and the services include clinic facilities and free delivery. Owner Fanele Mhlongo manages and operates the pharmacy with the help of Pharmaceutical Assistant Manah Nkosi.  Medivalue Pharmacy Empangeni offers personal pharmacy care and a professional service to the community of Empangeni.

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TEL: 035 772 2034





Medivalue Empangeni are a source of support and encourage customers to try use the same pharmacist whenever and wherever  possible. They will keep accurate records of medication dispensed and advise on interactions with specific prescriptions. It is also important that we understand what our prescribed medication is for and why we are taking it.

Medivalue Pharmacy Empangeni  – Some tips

Medivalue Empangeni are trusted experts and offer wellness tips and practical advice.

  • When on anti-biotics it is advisable to take a probiotic at the same time
  • To combat colds and flu, it is good to have an annual flu vaccination
  • Take a calcium supplement to prevent osteoporosis (especially in women)
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Medivalue Pharmacy – Some Products

Medivalue Empangeni have introduced a range of products and supplements designed to improve overall well-being.

  • Pro-Nutrition – offering a selection of mass builders, meal replacements and fat burners
  • Kogita Secret – a natural and save weight loss regime

Trusted in the field of medicine, pharmacists play an active role in assisting with supplements and vitamins, and can recommend safe over-the-counter medicine that won’t affect prescribed medication.

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Medivalue Pharmacy Empangeni – Know your Pharmacist 

Medivalue Pharmacy Empangeni respect privacy and understand that discretion is an important issue for customers.   They also advise that medicines should be stored in a safe place, medicine cabinets should be cleaned yearly, and all expired medication disposed of. Medicines are expensive and a pharmacist can recommend cheaper alternatives.

Pharmacy Medivalue Empangeni, know and trust your pharmacist.

Link: SA Pharmacy Council