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Econo Cartridge Stationery Empangeni supply top quality ink jet and laser printer cartridges. Offering a wide selection of brands such as Canon and HP, Econo Cartridge Stationery supply locally and throughout South Africa. Essentially a family run business based on solid values, Econo Cartridge Stationery Empangeni are dedicated to providing friendly and efficient service.

Placing the utmost importance on customer needs regarding the supply of printer cartridges and stationery is the key factor that has enabled Econo Cartridge Stationery Empangeni to remain competitive in the market place.


Econo cartridge stationery ink zululand empangeni


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Why use Econo Cartridge Stationery Empangeni?

They offer customers good value for money and are a committed environmentally friendly company. From the recycling of ink printer cartridges to utilising brown paper bags for purchases, Econo Cartridge firmly uphold their commitment to the environment.

  • All proceeds from E-waste (electronic bits and bobs) are donated to Thuthukani Special School.
  • Green Office, an initiative that employs disabled people in the recycling of used printer cartridges, is a project supported by Econo Cartridge Stationery Empangeni.

“Sometimes it is just about giving. Econo Cartridge Empangeni staff preparing Christmas gifts for the less fortunate in the community.”

Econo cartridge stationery empangeni zululand gifts

Econo Cartridge Stationery is not just about the supply of printer cartridges and stationery

  • Bottles of water are donated to outlying and appreciative rural schools and it is vitally important that we remember that water is life.
  • A stationery drive for under privileged children is the latest project that Econo Cartridge Stationery Empangeni are embarking on. Everyone in the office and at school deserves good stationery. Underprivileged schools unfortunately cannot afford to purchase stationery and other items and rely on donations from the community. Please contact Econo Cartridge Stationery Empangeni  if you or your business, a friend or family member, wish to donate to a local school in the Zululand area.
  • Santa Shoe Box project that is enthusiastically embraced by staff members. The boxes are creatively painted and glittered in bright beautiful colours and, like the three wise men, each box comes bearing gifts.
  • Econo Cartridge is not just about printer cartridges, stationery and printing.  They are also about standing strong and being united in their aspirations and commitment to Zululand and its people.
econo cartridge stationery empangeni printer internet cafe
econo cartridge stationery printer ink interent cafe computers

3 Reasons why Econo Cartridge Stationery is economical

  • Competes successfully within the Zululand market.
  • Proficiency and a commitment to excellence are part of the deal to ensure price competitiveness.

Where is Econo Cartridge Stationery in Empangeni Zululand?

Econo cartridge stationery empangeni zululand 5 Ways Mall office

Two conveniently placed shops with ample parking in Empangeni stock original and generic print cartridges, stationery, office and school supplies. Econo Cartridge Stationery Game Centre is spacious and one can relax and enjoy quality coffee at Stir Coffee Shop.  The Econo Cartridge Stationery shop at 5 Ways Mall is smaller but no less convenient for those in a hurry to purchase cartridges or stationery.

Both Econo Cartridge Sationery shops offer an array of services:

  • Internet cafe
  • Printing and scanning of documents
  • Photostats, faxing and binding
  • Printing of business cards

Both stores are open 6 days a week and are only closed on Sundays and Public holidays. Excellent service requires a great team, so on the odd occasion the stores may close for a staff function, training or a long weekend thus enabling the hard working team some well-deserved rest.

OPEN Monday – Saturday

Econo Cartridge Stationery are waiting to hear from YOU.

Phone NOW

 035 772 4473 – Game Centre

 035 7721138 – 5 Ways Mall

econo cartridge stationery empangeni zululand staff

It is the job of Econo Cartridge Stationery Empangeni to make your life easier, and please remember if they don’t have it, they will attempt to source it.

Let them and their staff colour your world with hassle free economical printer cartridges and other services.

Yes! It is that simple. Mail your order HERE today or call to schedule an appointment with a sales representative in store.

Econo cartridge stationery ink zululand empangeni


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