social media marketing Zululand Another Bad Day

Social Media Marketing Zululand – Our history?

Social Media Marketing Zululand is an important aspect and key area on which we focus in our business. In fact, our humble beginnings started with a Facebook page about 10 years ago, the first community page promoting Zululand. Initially we wanted only to promote the area through photos taken on our Zululand travels. We opted for a tongue in cheek expression for our company name. An expression that is used by many tourists and some locals and often misunderstood, “Another shit day in Africa’.

  • Social Media Marketing Zululand we promote is confined solely to the use of Facebook as we found other platforms ineffective in this area.
  • We realised that it is a worldwide trend that printed media is dying.

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Social Media Marketing Zululand – Our Reach?

Through Social Media Marketing on Facebook we now have a following of about 15 000 people and our popularity is steadily growing. We pride ourselves in informing and educating our audience.

Social Media Marketing Zululand vs Web Marketing Zululand

Another Bad Day in Zululand Logo


The key word in social media marketing is “social”.  We endeavour to maintain a social element with a Zululand flavour in our social media posts on Facebook. We never takes stock photos to be used in a post. It is important to us to be authentically Zululand.

If we are allowed to make a general observation, local people on Facebook are browsing whereas people using Search Engines are actively searching for something specific. Social media is mostly passive whereas our web page is reactive.

  • We make advertising decisions in consultation with our customers on what we think is the best option for our customers.
  • Facebook will always be a wonderful platform for a presence and to direct people to our web page.

Social Media Marketing Zululand vs Web Marketing Zululand – Research

We spend considerable time researching and analyzing in order to provide the best possible options for our customers. It is not just about the money. If we genuinely feel we cannot help a client, then we will provide the reasons. Trust and honesty are two values we rate highly.

Like a charging rhino we aim to promote businesses in the area and map Zululand as extraordinary destination.